By Wayne T. Dowdy

I have a beef with Google for damaging my reputation with inaccurate information. I will explain.

Please do not judge UNKNOWN INNOCENCE based upon what I write in this blog, because the novel is about much more than prison and these repulsive characters.

DESPICABLE CHARACTERS: In one blog I included an excerpt from a chapter about one of my despicable characters: “Zachariah Zambroski, Attorney at Law,” November 13, 2015.

Another despicable character I wrote about was Jake (keep reading for more on him).

Zach was not as bad as Jake, but he was despicable for selling out his client, and thus putting an innocent man in prison to avoid going there himself.

A corrupt agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, coerced Zambroski into throwing Big Bobby’s case, who was framed and went to prison for the murder of a famous senator’s son.

In my January 21, 2016, blog (“Despicable Characters”), I wrote about my most despicable character: Jake, a pedophile and necrophiliac who ends up in prison to meet his fate.

A SICK ONE: The following is part of an excerpt from the chapter, “Jake.” He raped and murdered his niece before going to prison on another charge.

“He had stashed her in the bushes three counties away. At night he’d go back to her until the stench of rotting flesh kept him from having her again. Then he buried her in a shallow grave and went on to find four more victims during the next five-months, before law enforcement officials sent him to prison on an unrelated charge.”

As I explained in the opening paragraph of Despicable Characters, “UNKNOWN INNOCENCE contains a variety of characters with various traits and characteristics. When I wrote UNDER PRESSURE by Mr. D., now at the core of UNKNOWN INNOCENCE, I needed to create a character everyone would hate so that when Karma delivered its blow, the reader would rejoice or feel he got what he deserved. I thought of two degenerate, despicable, sick and evil serial killers, executed for their repulsive crimes: Ted Bundy, a necrophiliac (performed sex on deceased victims); and John Wayne Gacey, who raped, tortured, and murdered children before burying them under his house.”

(That paragraph is behind my beef with Google’s search engine.) After I explained my objective to those who read my draft, each person said I had succeeded at making them hate Jake.

THE PROBLEM: My sister googled “Unknown Innocence by Wayne Dowdy” (she left out the “T” in my name). One search result showed an inflammatory association with my name:

“The draft contained ‘Wayne T. Dowdy’ and ‘UNKNOWN INNOCENCE … (performed sex on deceased victims); and John Wayne … Wayne T. Dowdy is such a person and UNKNOWN …”

APPALLED BY INACCURACY: I was appalled when I read that and wanted to somehow correct the search engine, which seemed to suggest I did what Jake did, but then I thought, maybe the absurdity will make someone want to click to learn more about someone who performed sex on deceased victims. Reading on would vindicate me from the inferred search engine accusation.

Wayne T. Dowdy is innocent. Mr. Google falsely accused him. Jake performed sex on deceased victims, not Wayne T. Dowdy, Mr. Google! Read the book, Sicko!

Dumb Google, do better research next time before you assassinate my fine name and character with inaccurate information!

THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM: The phrase, “Wayne T. Dowdy is such a person and UNKNOWN …” came from the Introduction to UNKNOWN INNOCENCE by Jeffrey P. Frye, who wrote the following:

“It takes a special kind of person to turn their adversities into success, their sadness into joy that’s used to entertain others.

And it takes a person with tenacity and depth to continue to see the sunshine when all you’ve ever known is the rain. And it takes a person with natural talent to be able to write a story under these conditions that’s captivating and that you don’t want to put down.

Wayne T. Dowdy is such a person, and UNKNOWN INNOCENCE is such a story. ….”

Mr. Frye did such a good job on the Introduction that I chose to include an excerpt from it on the synopsis. He wrote:

“UNKNOWN INNOCENCE is a riveting tale that transcends genres. It’s a mystery and a thriller, with a love story woven through its fabric.”

He described the novel accurately, and in a way I would not have considered if asked to describe what it was about. Read “An Introduction to UNKNOWN INNOCENCE” on this blogspot (June 21, 2015), or by going to my author’s page at (, or preferable, by buying the 85,000-word book for $12.95 from your favorite online or offline bookstore.

Wayne T. Dowdy writes straight from the pen. Follow his blogs on Purchase his books, essays, and short stories from your favorite booksellers, or send him an email:

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