#Happy Valentine’s Day

[I am re-posting this blog for 2019, modified in part.  Valentine’s Day of 2018 did turn out to be my last one spent inside the dungeons of the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons.

I do not have a Special Someone to call my sweetheart and that’s okay.  I remained celibate for decades and still am, by choice and circumstances, but … this will be my first Valentine’s Day spent on the outside since 1987 and that alone makes it a spectacular day for me.  🙂  Life is Wonderful!]

I hope each of you get to spend some quality time with the one you love or with someone special, whether that special person is a lover, friend, family member, or pet.

Providing I live to fight another day, which I highly suspect I will, theoretically, this year will be my last Valentine’s Day spent inside. Maybe I’ll have a special someone for the next Valentine’s Day, maybe not. The main thing is that I will be out of prison to enjoy it as a free man, alone, or with others. Being the stud I am, I’ll probably have someone to call my Sweetheart by then, but who knows?  😉   [I don’t]

Enjoy the special day celebrating life as a living, breathing, human being. No matter how screwed up things may seem, know that there are millions of others who’d love to trade places and to have your problems. That is something I have to remind myself of when disgruntled because the world isn’t working according to Wayne.

Have a spectacular day!  Hug the ones you love.  Tell them how important they are in your life, and know that you, too, are special!



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