Moving slowly back into society, one day at a time. Nine months ago today, I walked out of federal prison after having served thirty-years and ten-days.

Today was a hot one that I was happy to enjoy as a free man, physically able to walk around, alone, without assistance, and without chains dangling from my wrists and ankles.

Before leaving a Twelve Step meeting today, I shared with a man I sponsor that, when I find myself disgruntled about my circumstances, I try to meditate on my favorite saying: “I complained of having no shoes until I met a man with no feet.” Then I become grateful for what I have and stop complaining about what I don’t have but want. I have all I need to survive, so Life Is Great!

2 thoughts on “Today

  1. Hi, Wayne! Enjoyed your blog today, as always. I can’t imagine how it must feel after doing 6 months, let alone 30 years! How is reentry going for you, so far? My 27 year old Son is doing time at Pelican Bay, and I do feel concerned…not just about him, but how bad the system sucks anyways. You know Ben and Jerry’s icecreme? Google them! They, too have stuff going on with the prison reform, and petitions to sign…Its not All about icecreme, anymore! Waiting to read your next post. Hang Tight, Take Care, and Stay Safe! Sincerely, Laura Brosz

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    1. Hi Laura, I hope you’re having a spectacular day. I apologize for the delayed response. Just in case you do not want me to approve any comment for public viewing, please email me or let me know at the beginning that it’s not for publication. Thanks for taking the time to post comments.
      Email me at either one listed on the contact page or at
      I hope your son is doing well and staying out of the BS. Have a great day! Wayne


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