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On December 3, 2019, I read an article from The Marshall Project about racial disparities in the length of time served in prison by minorities compared to whites. I posted the following comment on Facebook and invited comments and offered to post a blog in response to any viable answers to create a positive change in Criminal Justice and Prison Reform. I received a comment posted on the Contact page for, which I will post after the following:

“In reading this article on the length of time spent in prison as being greater for African-Americans than white-defendants, with me being white and being caught in the same statistical-data sentencing-factors as ethnic minorities (criminal histories), I find the given reasons as being legitimate. The color of my skin didn’t get me a lesser sentence. Many people with different skin tones received and served a lot less time than I did, because of my criminal history and behavior characteristics. However, I am not saying that people of color do not get targeted and may be arrested and go to prison for crimes others may not: it happens.

“I have witnessed racial profiling so I know it happens, and it may be those types of events that lead to African-Americans spending more time in prison (being watched more and giving incident reports for minor issues whereas others may get a pass). For the most part, though, what happens after an arrest and going to prison depends on behavior. I learned to be responsible for mine, even when I felt I was targeted or suffered more severe consequences than other similarly-situated people did. The question is, what can be done to create a positive change in criminal justice and prison reform? Send me viable answers and I will consider posting a blog on StraightfromthePen (

“Thanks! THEMARSHALLPROJECT.ORG The Growing Racial Disparity in Prison Time A new study finds black people are staying longer in state prisons, even as they face fewer arrests and prison admissions overall.”


Holly, December 4, 2019

“In response to the question of what can be done differently in our criminal justice system. I saw a prison on a documentary that is in Norway I believe. They have an extremely low repeat offenders I believe it is due to the approach. They focus on having as much as a normal life without freedom to go off the grounds. They had individual apartments jobs and even a grocery store in there if the prisoner didn’t get up and go to work then they were locked in. The focus was changing the mind set of the prisoners teaching them self discipline and structure. Treating them with dignity the officers Shook their hands and was respectful. The documentary was on Netflix under world’s toughest prisons it was the last season last episode.”

Reply by Wayne T. Dowdy

“Thank you for your comment. You are correct. Norway treats its prisoners different and thus has the world’s lowest recidivism rate (people released from prison and returned after committing crimes or violation of parole terms, etc.). Germany also has a lower recidivism rate than the United States of America, as do many other countries. In “Experimental Prison Project” (July 16, 2019), I voiced my opinion on why America has such a high recidivism rate: money, people profiting from high incarceration rates, driven, in part, by the staggering number recidivists. Please read “Experimental Prison Project” and blogs referenced to therein, especially, “Prison Reform Progress” (April 5, 2019), where I write about a prison experiment in Connecticut that is modeled after a prison in Germany, and covered by Bill Whitaker on 60-Minutes. Thanks again for commenting.”

Feel free to voice your opinion on this issue and I will consider posting it if suitable for public viewing. wtd

3 thoughts on “FeedBack on StraightfromthePen

  1. In the case against my son, no one cared that he was white. He could have been purple, conviction is all that mattered. His co-defendant was Hispanic. In the police report the victim was asked who did this? he named his own son Nick D. Cantu. That wasn’t the only evidence against Nick. NONE of this vital evidence was ever mentioned.

    Officers had evidence that the victim’s wife was involved. No one mentioned that either, my mentally disabled then “15” year old child, was charged and convicted of being the shooter and mastermind, He was none of these.

    A 55 page forensic psychologist report summary reported that bryce was not culpable of any part in the states case against him, her report was never used to defend my child. He was set up to take the fall, the blame.

    His disability rights act violated over and over again, ten years later, still, no one cares that he is white, bryce is quickly mentally and physically deteriorating. I think he’ll last maybe another year, he’s suffering. He’s refusing medication, he’s refusing showers. I don’t know if he’s eating. Personnel consider this to be behaviour problems, because the system criminalizes the mentally ill. Prison personnel will says he’s in AdSeg (new word for Solitary Confinement) because of his behavior! : …. (

    The violations against him haven’t stopped. The majority of the people in control of his case were white, Mywhiteboy received no preference… NONE.

    Now what organization or group that protest racial prejudice is going to help my beloved son? NONE. his case shows the main motivating factor was/is fill up the prison beds.

    kind regards, bryce s vandergrifts M💔M
    Son, I love you dearly and I miss you so much. I’m dying inside

    Bryce S.
    Vandergrift 01661857


    1. Thanks for the comment. I understand the way you and many others feel in regards to the criminal justice system and the way state and federal institutions manage their prisoner populations. Having been on the Inside Looking Out, I can verify that those suffering from mental illness often get neglected, which is a major issue to contend with in criminal justice and prison reform. My hope is that someone will read this post and be able to provide you and your son some help. Thanks again for the comment.

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