Miracles Happen

On April 18, 2023, two things happened that show miracles do happen. I will post YouTube videos below that are evidence of two miracles that happened in my life on the same day, at least, in my opinion they are miracles because I know where I came from and from where I am today.

The next paragraph contains a link to a post I created on LinkedIn to inspire others. The last paragraph will be to my YouTube channel for StraightfromthePen. If you feel uncomfortable clicking either link I provide, you can find the content on YouTube and LinkedIn by searching for “Wayne T. Dowdy” on your favorite search engine and then by going to the official websites to search for content created by me.

The linked post on LinkedIn and the linked YouTube video attached to that post from Steadfast Journey, tells the story so there’s not any need for me to go into detail, but I do want to note that I posted it in hope of inspiring others. Please Like and Subscribe to the YouTube Channels. Thank you! LinkedIn Post.

Here is the link to my YouTube channel for StraightfromthePen that I created after having participated in a reentry simulation event at the Richard B. Russell Federal Building in Atlanta, Georgia to help returning citizen successfully reintegrate into society. My hope is that it will encourage others to fight for positive change. Thanks for taking the time to read my content on StraightfromthePen.