Corporate Greed NOT Inflation

Here is an excerpt from Videos Made At Walmart on Ironically, I added the following content to the original post Walmart Videos. After I posted it on the other StraightfromthePen, I decided it was worthy of its own space. Please share! Thank you.

Inflation: Another Name for Corporate Greed

In my opinion, what the world is dealing with now is not some imaginary compilations of numbers labeled as inflation. Being StraightfromthePen, I call it as I see and believe it to be: the problem is Corporate Greed, period!

At the bottom of this post and in my response to a Comment on StraightfromthePen on YouTube, I show Walmart’s gross profit as reported January 31, 2023, as a record $147.57 BILLION US Dollars.

Walmart is only one of the Villains’ driving up our cost of living. My plan is to delve deeper to find some of the others inflating their prices under the guise of “INFLATION” to increase company profits. Follow me on YouTube @StraightfromthePen to see what I find. Thank you!

Supporting Data Walmart Gross Yearly Profit

“Walmart’s 2021 gross yearly profit increased 7.3% from the previous year to $138.84 billion. In 2022, the company’s profits rose by 3.54% to hit $143.75 billion, while annual gross profit for the year ended January 31, 2023, was $147.57 billion, a 2.65% rise from 2022.”

The following two charts come from and may be a little too technical for the average viewer, who may not want to dig that deep to reach the same conclusion simply shown above.

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