Not Forgotten by Wayne T. Dowdy

July 30, 2023: I haven’t forgotten the need for criminal justice reform and other issues related to the incarcerated and returning citizens. The reality is that I am still working a forty hour job, and providing content for two YouTube channels ( and that I hope you will subscribe to and choose to receive notifications of my latest videos. I do thank you in advance!

Today I spent over two hours reconstructing a previous blog I wrote in hope of inspiring others to Fight for Change (Fight for Change by Wayne T. Dowdy). During the transition/migration from being hosted on to, a lot of the photos didn’t come with the migration process, or I did something to damage the contents by using a plugin (SMUSH) or other program.

In Fight for Change, several letters I used to support what I wrote failed to appear and were not in my Media Library, so I had to find them in another area of my massive database to update this important blog.

Now that I have a larger audience on social media platforms, especially and YouTube, I can push some of my political agendas as time permits. Feel free to contact me if you have a submission you would like for me to consider or a suggestion. Thank you!

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