Great News for Returning Citizens

Walking out prison doors after an extended period poses many challenges, including the need to find employment and health insurance. Many states may offer programs to help returning citizens but some of the assistance is minimal.

Disclaimer: The following is not a suggestion to buy or purchase any product or service, even though I am an affiliate marketer. Always to your due diligence before buying or selling anything online. In the following paragraphs I mention Parks Insurance, which I did search online for any customer reviews, as I hope you will do. Most reviews were positive but I did find one negative review that did not go into much detail. ALWAYS be cautious about providing personal information without ensuring that it is safe.

In this blog I am happy to share an excerpt from the newsletter about FREE INSURANCE for returning citizens and their family members in all fifty states and US Territories. If interested, please contact Park Insurance Agency linked below to apply or to send the information to anyone you may know who is in prison or their family members, once you verify the service by searching for Customer Reviews.


Sue K owns and provides valuable information for the incarcerated and their families that she sends out in newsletters to select prisoner who sign up, and posts on the website. Here is some spectacular news that she reported in her most recent newsletter that I suggest you read in full at


“One year ago I reported on an opportunity for all returning citizens to receive free insurance. It was a new program, and I had no testimonies to share. Today I’m happy to report that it is available in every state! Parks Insurance Agency offers many benefits including zero-cost health plans, free physicals, prescription coverage for new and prior medications, access to recovery treatment, mental health counseling, doctor and hospital visits, and all pre-existing health conditions will be covered (i.e., asthma, diabetes, cancer, etc.). The benefits also extend to household family members upon your release. For more information contact: Parks Insurance Agency,153 S. Oakland Ave, Rock Hill SC29730 Phone:866-932-7200. Your supporters can find out more here:

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