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Happy Father’s Day 2022

In Memory of Stanley

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers of the World who provide for their families, whether there is a biological connection or not, the one acting in the capacity of a father to his children deserves praise and an acknowledgement for the things he does because of his love and responsibilities.

Be grateful for the people in your life who show their love in unspoken ways. Let your gratitude show!

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For the single parent who fills both roles, a special thanks goes out to you. You’re the Best! May God give you the strength and resources you need to provide for your family.

Many good people go unnoticed who do not receive the praise deserved for the acts of love shown each day in their actions, not just in words. A title doesn’t matter. May the love you show come back to you ten-fold.

Special Acknowledgment: I chose the photo shown above in honor of my brother who passed away in 1978 and left behind two children, one four, the other six, both of whom he loved and would have made countless sacrifices to provide for their comfort and safety. Unfortunately, he died twenty-five days before he turned twenty-five. If you are blessed with a father or anyone else who holds special meaning, give him or her a hug, and let them know that you love them because one never knows if the moment that the opportunity presents itself will be the last chance given.

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Never Forgotten

Memorial Day 2022

I created the photo above to honor those who have shed blood and for those who continue to fight for others. They will not be forgotten!

Happy Memorial Day 2022 remains the same as what I wrote in 2020, only this year, many things have happened that have left millions of others in pain or dead.

COVID-19 continues to trouble the population of the world but there has been some progress along those lines.

The War in Ukraine and all of the recent acts of violence in America come to mind, especially the deaths of all of the children and others unjustly killed in schools and churches.

Let’s not forget those who give their lives to defend others, and in America, to protect our individual rights and freedoms.

As imperfect as America may be as a country, I remain proud to call myself an American citizen and am grateful for those who stand to defend our borders.

Mother’s Day 2022


My heart goes out the people who have lost their mothers and cannot celebrate this special day created to honor those who brought us into this world, as we kicked and screamed for attention from the one who loves us most, our mother.

That includes me and my siblings who lost our mother in 2016. The above photo is an old one of her that I post in her honor. By the time of her passing she looked much different as she was blessed to live until she was eighty-five.

For those who still have that special woman in their lives, I hope that circumstances allow you to spend time with her or to at least to let her know how much she means to you and how grateful that I hope you are for all she did to help you to get to the stage of life where you are at right now.

May God Bless all of the Mothers of the World on this special day.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2022

“Enjoy the special day celebrating life as a living, breathing, human being. No matter how screwed up things may seem, know that there are millions of others who’d love to trade places and to have your problems. That is something I have to remind myself of when disgruntled because the world isn’t working according to Wayne.”

The above quote comes from a previous post, three actually, because on February 13, 2019, I reposted a Happy Valentine’s Day message that I sent out to my publisher in 2018 to post for me while still inside the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons. #Happy Valentine’s Day | STRAIGHT FROM THE PEN.

When I posted the other blogs and wished everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day, I would not have believed that on Valentine’s Day in 2022 that I would be single and without a Special Someone to spend precious time with, celebrating each day filled with gratitude for having her in my life. Even though I do have some special ladies in my life this year, I am not in a committed relationship as I type.

Well, the world just won’t work according to Wayne. That’s okay, because even though things don’t turn out as I prefer on some days, at least I continue to do the right thing and have succeeded at doing many good things throughout my life.

I also feel blessed for having people in my life who love and care for me and who are willing to help me to accomplish some of my goals.


If I could get Google to pay me ten cent for each view of my magnificent photos, I could retire and ride off into the sunset with that Special Someone whom I know awaits me, especially, if I am extremely wealthy.

Pay Up Google!

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Google Maps

I reckon I need to be grateful for being in a position to help others, and for being a free man, because I know of millions of others would love to trade places with me.

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Happy New Year-2022

What will 2022 deliver? Rainbows in the sky or more of what 2021 delivered? My thoughts on 2020 and 2021 proved to be wrong so I won’t try to prophesize this year.

Personally, I do plan to make it profitable by continuing to work on affiliate marketing, my writing career, and by continuing to focus on revising my life, one day at a time. That is with me being a Returning Citizen who continues to learn how to live a crime-free life.

If I can figure out a way to get Google to pay me for my popularity and services provided on Google Maps, I can retire. 🙂 I do take good photos and write spectacular reviews!

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