Wayne T. Dowdy, P.O. Box 2608, McDonough, GA 30253


Photo Taken From a FaceBook Scam Artist on Twitter Who Tried Scamming Me By Claiming I Won the FaceBook Lottery!

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3 thoughts on “CONTACT

    1. I am happy to have been able to help draw attention to the such an unjust sentence/issue.
      My hope is that you will use your experience to help others to not make the same mistakes, and to spread the word about having a 15-year prison sentence for .001 grams of cocaine, not even enough to get an addict high. Too many people are ignorant of the law and have no idea about how much time in prison they can receive for what most will view as a minor offense.
      May God be with you and bless the ministry you and your lovely wife started before you found yourself unjustly chained to your past.


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