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Never Forgotten

Memorial Day 2022

I created the photo above to honor those who have shed blood and for those who continue to fight for others. They will not be forgotten!

Happy Memorial Day 2022 remains the same as what I wrote in 2020, only this year, many things have happened that have left millions of others in pain or dead.

COVID-19 continues to trouble the population of the world but there has been some progress along those lines.

The War in Ukraine and all of the recent acts of violence in America come to mind, especially the deaths of all of the children and others unjustly killed in schools and churches.

Let’s not forget those who give their lives to defend others, and in America, to protect our individual rights and freedoms.

As imperfect as America may be as a country, I remain proud to call myself an American citizen and am grateful for those who stand to defend our borders.