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Hackers and Technology by Wayne T. Dowdy

Technological Challenges

On Quora.com, one of my most viewed answers related to technological challenges upon release from prison. If you spent a long time in prison, what technology did you find hardest to adjust to when you were released?

Many things have changed for me since I wrote that answer: I’ve become pretty good with the technology available today but am a long way from being a technological guru. Though I am an aging gentlemen, I am not resistant to change and do welcome some of the advances in technology but do wonder what the future will hold at the pace we are moving into the Brave New World.

All Hackers Not Created Equal

One thing I learned is that all hackers are not created equal. Some are better than others, some have good intentions, others are evil-minded actors who seek to create trouble for agencies, individuals or for companies.

Some hackers work to improve website security, such as those who work for Wordfence.com and cyber security firms to search for flaws in the technology that allow bad actors to hack websites or to otherwise create problems for those involved, whether it be to enter malicious code to steal personal data or to take over the websites.

Technological Changes: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Today I experimented with the BING AI and was amazed at the essays it created for me after I added the topic and chose other relevant information. For examples, please read some of the blogs that I will post, beginning with the creative title I used to give the latest technology a name (e.g., Dr. AI Bing): Prison Privatization Effects on Society by Dr. AI Bing and Wayne T. Dowdy.

In conclusion, the following information is what started this blog that evolved because of my experiments with the Dr. AI Bing on this bright sunshiny day that may take us on a journey into another unknown area of existence where AI enlightens us on the new dimension that awaits us in this thing we call life. 🙂

Bleeping Computer News

The Bleeping Computer news service reported a flaw in the WiFi network traffic process that creates a security issue. (I provide the link for the article at the end of this post.)

Last night and early today, I was trying to make a payment to PayPal Credit through PayPal, which is attached to my bank accounts. When I couldn’t connect to the bank from PayPal Credit to make my payment, I instituted my normal security protocols of running security scans, using different browsers (Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox), and another computer to determine whether there was a security issue with my personal network and associated accounts.

After all attempt failed to connect to the bank, I called customer service at PayPal Credit (Synchrony Bank) and learned that the bank-access-problem was systematic, which made me feel better. That let me know that it was unlikely that my computer or accounts had been hacked.

Shortly after I contacted Customer Service, I read the Google news feed and found The Bleeping Computer article, and then I understood why I could not connect to the bank: cyber security working on closing holes with firewall rules to protect data from hackers.

When I tried again a few hours later, I succeeded at paying my $1.30 PayPal debt. 🙂 Yes, that number is correct, less than two-dollars, but a bill is a bill and I always pay off early to avoid interest charges and to maximize my credit utilization to keep a higher credit score.