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I Am SimpliSafe Now

I am SimpliSafe now in my first house that I bought in September 2023. With me being a returning citizen who served over thirty years (1988-2018) in the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons, it makes me proud to show what I have accomplished since my release.

Buying a house and installing a SimpliSafe Home Security system are two of many things I’ve done that proves returning citizens can be successful.

And I am only one of thousands released from prisons across the United States and throughout the world to verify that statement.


This is a view from my Inside Security Camera with active monitoring by SimpliSafe. Any movement inside the house triggers the alarm system when I am away.

And as this video from my Inside Security camera shows, even while in the house, I have the system set to record any activity. I’ve only accidently setoff my Extra Loud Alarm twice since installing the system. 🙂

The following video shows me trying to figure out if the doorbell camera was functioning properly that I had just installed, which is evident that it was by viewing this short clip. Only the first few seconds have any meaningful content.

I installed motion sensors in every room of the house to cover every entry point to keep my house secure when I am away. With my job being sixty miles from the house, I do a lot of traveling, so I felt safer once I had the system up and running to protect the most expensive investment I have ever made: a house.


In addition to the above, one thing I began focusing on before my release was to establish a social media presence to increase my chance of success upon release.

To do so, I had a Facebook page set up shortly after becoming a published author in 2015, which is also when I paid my publisher to create this website with the primary purpose of advertising my books, and then it became much more than a platform for me to sell books.

Speaking of the such, if you would like to purchase either of my books, paperbacks may be found on Amazon.com and many other online retailers.

These are two of my favorites that I redone after I had access to the Internet and my Amazon account. Click on the covers to order or search the titles online for you favorite online bookseller:

If you have any questions you would like to ask about any issue, check out Quora.com. Here is a link to another blog I hope you can find time to check out, as well as the links to my YouTube channels (https://www.youtube.com/@straightfromthepen and https://www.youtube.com/@WayneTDowdy3).

Thanks for reading this blog and hopefully subscribing to my YouTube channels.

The following post concerns my content on Quora.com in response to the difference between serving a prison sentence in a State Prison versus the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons: https://straightfromthepen.com/2023/09/29/serving-time-in-federal-v-state-prison/