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My YouTube Best Performers

My YouTube Best Performers from two channels may be surprising. From my personal perspective, I am disappointed that I have not be able to create a video that exceeds my first accidental short on @WayneTDowdy, with 7,541 views as I type:

However, on my other channel, @straightfromthepen, this one is running close to its views, following with at the time of this writing, 6,652 views:

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Happy Memorial Day! My Heart Goes Out to those Honorable Men and Women Who Fought

Memorial Day in America is a controversial holiday because of its association with the Civil War, which I wrote extensively about in Mothers & Memorial Days by Wayne T. Dowdy

To me, it is a Holiday to pay tribute to those who lost their lives defending the lives of others and who fought for a cause, regardless of whose side they were on or which war they fought in for whatever reason, right or wrong or however someone categorizes what happened. Happy Memorial Day!

And Always Remember The Mothers!

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