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A.I. Can’t Get It Right

In previous experiments with artificial intelligence, I used BING (Dr. A.I. Bing Redemption – STRAIGHT FROM THE PEN). This time I used a different A.I. service (ChatGPT) but the result was still the same: A.I. Can’t Get It Right, when it answered the question, “Who is Wayne T. Dowdy?” (All search engines contain volumes of information about me, Wayne T. Dowdy, including links to the YouTube videos displayed if searching Wayne T. Dowdy on YouTube.)

Wayne T. Dowdy is a writer, speaker, and advocate for criminal justice reform. He is also a former federal prisoner who served 31 years in prison for a nonviolent drug offense. While in prison, Dowdy became a prolific writer and self-educator, earning a GED, a paralegal certification, and numerous vocational certificates. He also wrote several books and articles, including “Essays & More Straight from the Pen” and “UNKNOWN INNOCENCE: Four Stories of Americans Who Served Time for Crimes They Didn’t Commit.” Since his release from prison in 2019, Dowdy has been actively involved in advocating for criminal justice reform and helping others who are still incarcerated. He has been featured in various media outlets, including The Washington Post and The Marshall Project.

Q. What are some of the vocational certificates that Wayne T. Dowdy earned while in prison?

Wayne T. Dowdy earned several vocational certificates while he was in prison, including:

  1. HVAC Technician: This certificate trained him in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.
  2. Building Maintenance: This certificate taught him skills related to building maintenance and repair, such as plumbing, electrical work, and carpentry.
  3. Forklift Operator: This certificate trained him in the safe operation of forklifts and other types of heavy machinery.
  4. Computer Technician: This certificate taught him the skills necessary to repair and maintain computer hardware and software.
  5. Business Management: This certificate provided him with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage a business, including accounting, marketing, and human resources.

These vocational certificates helped Dowdy develop a wide range of skills that he could use to support himself and others after his release from prison.

None of the stated “vocational certificates” are correct.

I did serve almost 31-years in federal prison, but not for a non-violent drug offense. Armed band robbery and associated charges are violent offenses.

I like this sentence: “While in prison, Dowdy became a prolific writer and self-educator, earning a GED, a paralegal certification, and numerous vocational certificates.” But it is not true, either. I did not get a GED, as I already had college credits when I began (I did get more while in the last time).

I am knowledgeable in law and helped get someone out of prison; however, I am not a paralegal, even though I did write “Violent Crime Misconception,” parts of which was used by an attorney to get a friend out of prison.

I am the author of Essays & More Straight from the Pen and Unknown Innocence but the latter is not about what A.I. claimed. Find the books on Amazon.com or at your favorite bookstore or eBook distributor.

For more about the activities of Wayne T. Dowdy, check out my other website, WonderfulThingsDone. Be sure to see the Amazon discounts available by clicking on the two banners on the About WonderfulThingsDone page. Thank you!

YouTube Interview with Wayne T. Dowdy

Effects of Incarceration Interview with Begum K., Part I

When Ms. Begum K. first contacted me on my Quora.com Space, Life Inside and Out, because she needed participants for an interview on the effects of incarceration to use when writing a paper for her Psychology class, I was hesitant.

After several days of thought and deliberation, I agreed because I believed in her objective of wanting to help others. Then afterwards, I became grateful for overcoming my fears.

Even though I was unknowingly in the first stage of COVID-19 on the day of the scheduled interview, I did not want to delay her project and proceeded. And then I became her fan and did all I could to assist her in finding other participants to complete her study.

Click the following link to watch and listen to the YouTube video on my StraightfromthePen. channel.

Effects of Incarceration, an Interview with Ms. Begum K., Part I