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Updated Info for the Incarcerated

January 18, 2021, Update: If you have someone who is incarcerated and is in need of information for filing to get his or her Stimulus Payments, see How can I get my first and second stimulus check if I am incarcerated? January 12, 2021

One of the many things I do is to provide information to those inside the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons, whom I know have limited access to information from the outside, as well as what is going on inside the system. Most of the information I send in comes from www.bop.gov, including updates about the Coronavirus and other important issues.

One of my clients suggested I let everyone know about the court ruling that permits the incarcerated to receive the Stimulus payment from the Cares Act. At that time, another client had requested an IRS form to file his claim.

I questioned the legitimacy based upon my experience on the inside and prisoner filings for tax refunds. And then today (10/21/2020), another client requested that I check on his filing status and informed me about the publication of an article in the Washington Post.

Yes, though controversial and challenged by the Trump administration, the incarcerated may file a claim to receive a stimulus payment, as reported in the Washington Post by Personal Finance columnist, Michelle Singletary on Oct. 19, 2020,

Federal judge rules against Treasury and IRS again: The incarcerated are entitled to stimulus checks

IRS is forced to extend to Nov. 4 a deadline to allow local, state and federal prisoners to claim tens of millions in stimulus money

For those with loved ones in American prisons, you may want to let them know about being allowed to file a claim for a stimulus payment but remember, there is a deadline for filing.

If you can send in an IRS 1040 form, it may help; however, I know some people inside the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons who were provided the proper form and a memorandum by prison officials to notify them of the court’s decision.